March 2015 event

The next eRota event will take place on 20 March 2015 at the RSA off Strand Street in central London. The event will cover the general theme of managing professional teams and provide specific training on aspects of CLWRota from an operational and managerial point of view. Please contact us if you wish to attend. To learn more about past CLWRota events please see the events pages.

September 2013 Forum

The 2013 Forum was held on 19 September 2013 in the Battlebridge Room at King's Place, close to the King's Cross and St. Pancras stations in central London.

Presentation at the 2013 CLWRota forum

Presentation at the 2013 CLWRota Forum

The event included presentations from several external speakers, talks from the eRota team and the presentation of the latest benchmark reports.

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March 2013 Training & Management Day

March 2013

The March 2013 Training & Management Day was held at the Battlebridge Room at King's Place in central London. About 90 people attended the event which was split into a morning session devoted to training and covering upcoming features and an afternoon session concerning management issues and cross-departmental benchmarking.

For more information about this and other events, please visit the events page.

eRota brand announced, Medirota website updated

1 October 2012

At the September 2012 Forum we announced our new eRota brand under which we will be organising our NHS staff management solutions. More information can be found at the eRota website.

At the forum we also showed the progress in development of the companion system to CLWRota, Medirota, a system designed for medical, surgical and clinical groups which is part of the eRota suite of services.

September 2012 Forum notes

The 2012 Forum was held in the Henry Wellcome Auditorium at the Wellcome Collection on 13 September 2012 and was attended by over 90 people. For more information about the Forum events, please go to the 2012 forum page.

June 2012 RotaMC and XMLAPI released

We have released two new applications as part of our CLWRota v67.7 release: RotaMC and XMLAPI. RotaMC provides department activity planning and monitoring tools, while XMLAPI provides secure third party access to CLWRota data resources.

RotaMC : Overall department performance summary for a year

Overall department performance summary for a year

2011 Solo Session benchmark

31 October 2011
We have released an initial solo session benchmark showing trainee solo session rates across 16 of our client departments. The benchmark and related narrative can be found here.

2011 Forum notes

26 September 2011
The 2011 forum was held on 14 September. Videos and notes from the forum can be accessed on the forum page.