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RotaMC and XMLAPI applications launched

June 2012


The recent upgrade of CLWRota to version 67.7 includes the release of two new applications; RotaMC, a CLWRota Rota Management Console, and XMLAPI, an application programming interface to allow third parties to access CLWRota data.


RotaMC provides departments with the means to plan and track service capacity and performance across each financial year. RotaMC compares performance data from CLWRota to expectations set on an individual and departmental basis.

RotaMC : Monthly performance of a department in various categories

Monthly performance of a department in various categories

RotaMC presents departments with a clear overview of how performance matches expectations enabling them to learn where shortfalls in activity or an excess of availability occur. RotaMC allows departments to accurately build a picture of the range and variance of the department's activity, promoting better planning and usage of department resources.

RotaMC is presently at version 2 beta status.


XMLAPI provides an application programming interface (API) to CLWRota data to allow third party computer applications such as Theatre Management and HR systems to access up-to-date CLWRota information.

Access to XMLAPI is controlled by each department. Provision of the department's information through XMLAPI is presently limited to day-based location rotas. XMLAPI uses secure short-term access tokens and runs over an HTTPS secure channel.

The XMLAPI specification can be found here.

Further information

If you would like any further information on CLWRota, RotaMC or XMLAPI please contact the CLWRota team at or call the office on 020 7631 1555.